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Rio Cunningham, CSR

Personal and Farm Lines

Rio Cunningham

Rio Cunningham, CSR

My forage into the insurance industry began purely by coincidence following a brief stint at Southern Oregon University. After a six-month period working in a semi-local insurance office, I obtained my Property and Casualty license and became a producer as well as a CSR. I worked for State Farm on and off for five years in this capacity while finishing my Bachelor of Fine Arts at Western Oregon University at the height of the pandemic. Having a natural “chameleon” personality allows me to thrive in any role I’m placed in, which is why Hartley was an obvious choice when venturing back into the insurance field. I’m used to (and most comfortable with) a multi-tasking environment that keeps me on my toes after years in various customer service roles, and I greatly enjoy working with the Silverton community that I have grown very fond of over the years of living here.

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