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Contractor Insurance

from Hartley Insurance, Inc.

Farm Insurance

We know that your farm is both a personal and business endeavor. Whether it is crops, a prize bull, equipment, irrigation, and/or a myriad of other priceless things we provide specific coverage for your needs. Oregon has approximately 15.9 million acres of farmland that all need an educated, responsible, and detail-oriented insurance agent. Hartley Insurance has decades of experience in correctly insuring farmland. We offer education on all aspects of farm insurance and cost-effective policies. We encourage you to contact us in the off season of harvesting to properly be quoted but we can give you a free quote at any time.

Farm Insurance in Silverton

  • Silverton Farms we Insure: berry, grass seed, cattle, hazelnut, wheat, rye, custom, hobby, and christmas tree farms.
  • Personal coverages including: homes, barns, outbuildings, lean to’s, landlord’s furnishings, personal property.
  • Business coverages including: farm liability, chemical drift liability, livestock collision, worker’s compensation, fences and corrals, grain storage, poultry buildings, silos, etc.
  • Farm specific coverages including: equipment, tractors, livestock, irrigation, receivers for planting, farm stands, ATV’s, etc

Insurance you need for crops may cover a multitude of exposures that are not covered under any homeowner's or stand alone commercial insurance policy. Farms are unique to every family and to Hartley Insurance. Working in the Willamette valley, we know how hard you work for your family and this community. Let us work on your coverage to protect all of your assets.